Wednesday Linkbait: Crusader Children

LINK: “For Ovaries and Glory” by Metaphlame (June 22nd, 2014)

It’s no secret that Metaphlame, a frequent leaver of great comments on AcaGameia, is a prolific blogger in her own right. Recently, while sitting over beers and the World Cup, I had the pleasure of selling the great story-telling mechanism/historical dynasty simulation Crusader Kings II to her. Fade to black, and cut to a scene of me sitting at my computer, logging into WordPress and smiling as I find this tour de force article awaiting. One of the things that I especially enjoy about Metaphlame’s writing is her ability to connect whatever she’s writing about with a thoughtful and intimate prose; it’s a skill that I have observed with deeply jealous eyes, and this post in particular is a perfect example of that skill on display. We are at once introduced to her experiences playing Crusader Kings II, and are subsequently guided through the inner reflections that occur as they logically should. It’s at once personal and objective, specific and broad- in short, it’s exactly what I personally think we, as people who like to write about something we love, should aspire to.

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