Shame Post

Shame Post: The Board Is Not Pleased

Greetings all!

With great shame, I must admit that my “Unearthing” Editorial is running far, far behind. Part of this was because I foolishly thought I could write it today. The same day I was writing other important papers (for things I do in exchange for currency). Then I compounded my foolishness by seeing Edge of Tomorrow.

To help me see the error of my ways, the Board of AcaGameia has decided to cast me into a cell to Think On What I Haven’t Done, and refuse me any sort of sustenance beyond the toner from my printer.

To compound my shame, the Board has further demanded that I offer up this post of Cats looking disappointed in me to you all, because they are, themselves, cats cuteness.

Thus, here are some pictures of disappointed cats sitting in Board Game Boxes, stolen shamelessly from courteous of the Board Game Geek forum “A Cat in Every Box.”


How Dare You Put Tom Cruise Above Our Wishes

Its Must be Punished!

Its Must be Punished!


Cuts off Its Fingers! Then It Learns!

Cuts off Its Fingers! Then Its Learns!

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